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Understanding Black History in Canada

The term black Canadian refers to the people of black African descent who are citizens of Canada. Most of the blacks in Canada are of Caribbean origin, though a percentage of the population also consists of African American immigrants. In addition, the blacks in Canada draw a distinction between those of African roots and those of afro-Caribbean. At times, the term black Canadian is often used by some black communities who originated from the colonial slaves.

On the other hand, most black people of Caribbean origin reject the term African Canadian since they possess Caribbean heritage, instead , they prefer being identified as Caribbean Canadians. Unlike in united states where the black communities prefer being referred to as African American, in Canada, controversies linked with distinguishing African or Caribbean heritage have resulted in the terms black Canadian.

There has been a steady stream of migration of Black people into Canada via Africa, Europe, the Caribbean, and the United States since the seventeenth century. According to history, the first recorded Black person to arrive in Canada was an African who arrived in the early sixteen to serve as an interpreter of the Mi'kmaq language to the governor of Acadia. After the arrival of the first black, others came later as slaves.

As years went by, the slaves in Canada finally got their rights to be citizens of the country since  the Upper Canada legislature passed an act that granted gradual abolition and any slave arriving in the province was automatically declared free. The people taking part in the slave trade still continued with the business even after the abolition of the business, instead, slaves were arriving in Canada via the Underground Railroad. are there any black people in Canada? Yes.

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